About us

Latvian Financial Technology Association (LFTA) is the first non-profit organization in Latvia that represents and pursues the interests of its members in order to promote financing and investment opportunities, as well as foster digitalization and the availability of innovative services.

LFTA is open for members (both natural and juridical persons) who operate in the financial technology, digital currency, data, and e-commerce industries or provide essential and innovative services to representatives of forementioned industries.

LFTA represents the interests of its members, urges cooperation and flow of information among entrepreneurs, policy makers, and society.

The aims of LFTA are:

  • To expand the availability of financing and investment opportunities;
  • To foster effective cooperation and dialogue between Latvian financial technology companies, the government, and European legislative bodies.
  • To lobby for LFTA interests and actively participate in the planning and implementation of legislation and policy.
  • To represent LFTA as a whole, the LFTA members and their interest;
  • To promote the use of innovative technologies in the finance industry and to develop digital financial technology services;
  • To organize seminars, training, and discussions on the industry news.

LFTA is founded by Elīna Girne un Mareks Gruškevics.

Elīna Girne
The co-founder of LFTA "The key to development is rapid exchange of information and synergy among the leaders of the industry"
Mareks Gruškevics
Chairman of the Board and co-founder ar LFTA "LFTA is founded with the ultimate goal of accelerating the development of financial technology in Latvia by nurturing it as the finance centre of the Baltics that's both sustainable and attractive to the investors"
For more information please contact: info@lfta.lv vai +371 29 488 209